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Matra M530 LX - 1971


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M 530LX

Coupe 2+2




Matra M530 LX - 1971


As a manufacturer of missiles in the aerospace industry, Matra (Mécanique Aviation TRAction) was active in Formule 1 car racing and developped the Matra Djet Bonnet which was the first series produced midengined sportscar. For the general public Matra introduced at the Geneve's Motor Show in 1967 the Matra M530. The M530 was ment as successor of the sportive Matra-Bonnet Djet .The Djet was too sporty and too spartan for a large buyers audience. Thus one gave the development department the assignment to design a sportscar with more practical characteristics, a so called "Voiture des copains".The Matra M530 is designed as Grand Tourismo 2+2, and as it's predecessor built on a steel frame, a polyester body and with a midengine. The 75 hp strong Ford V4 is, related to the low weight of this special GT more than enough and together with the 4 disc brakes, very suitable for sporty drives.


This Matra 530LX

Our Matra is recently body-off restored. The Matra is fitted with original alloy wheels from Dunlop which were optional. This is an original Dutch delivered M530 LX from the total of 4700 examples, which makes this car unique. With popup headlights and targa roof it has convincing sporty appearance. But above all, there is the '60s-modernistic styling which recalls memories of cartoon character Michel Vaillant, and which has left behind the "you-love-it-or-hate-it" for a long time.