Saab 95 V4 "De Luxe" - 1968 


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95 V4


9800 km



Saab 95 V4 "De Luxe" -1968 

This beautiful Saab 95 is from 1968, with the old nose and equipped with the round headlights, but already fitted with the reliable 1500 V4 engine, which replaced the two-stroke engine. Only 2 years, between 1967 and 1968 this popular variant was produced, after which the new nose with square headlights was introduced.

Aircraft manufacturer Saab has done a good job designing this unique but thoughtful car: The Saab 95 Estate. You notice this immediately when you get into all kinds of special details, such as: the windows that pivot down from one point just like a vintage airplane, three-point seat belts, head restraints, manual steering on the steering column and, the spare wheel that is housed under the rear seat so there is room for a second folding bench in the back. The Saab can be used for several purposes, as a moving van with all the benches folded down, or with the whole family (7 people) to the beach. All possible with this Saab 95 Estate.

This Saab 95 comes from a collection of a Saab enthusiast who regularly gave the car its maintenance (including stainless steel exhaust) and kept it dry stored and used it for recreational use. The Saab is technically in a good condition, it brakes, drives and shifts as it should. With its netto weight of just under 1000 kg, the Saab even invites sporty driving. Not too bad, considering that rally driver Erik Carlsson with an 95 Estate, drove the Monte Carlo Rally.

The Saab looks very beautifull and straight and is repainted a few years ago in its original color "Toreador Red". Also the chrome is beautifully shiny. The interior is original with a grey painted steel dasboard with beautifull round metres and  a periodically correct radio. The upholstery is very clean except for minor traces of use. There is also a towbar mounted.


This is a "De Luxe" version for outside the Scandinavian countries, so with: extra side trims, wheel trims, clock, headrests, folding windows at the rear, and optionally: fog lamps in front and, the rare (!) reversing lamps. In short: a rare and beautiful classic that can be widely used!

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