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Full Service Storage

Storage for your classic car

- In a secure location, climate-controlled, small-scale and personalised
- Permanent trickle charger on battery 
- Tyre pressure maintained
- Car is stored dust-free under a car cover
- Collection and delivery of your classic car(s) all year round on demand 
- Possibility of maintenance work 
- Possibility of a bridge with possible maintenance or repair advice
- Possibility of a pick-up and delivery service
- Use of our expertise on maintenance, restoration, valuation and sales
- There is opportunity for coffee
- In short, a safe and warm hotel for your cherished classic car!

20210714_164129 (2).jpg

A unique storage for your special oldtimer or exclusive classic car!

Are classic cars your favourite passion? We have a beautiful lokation, perfect conditions and great ambiance. Would you like to know more about this? Don't wait too long because full = full! 

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