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Specialist in fine classic cars and sportscars from the 60s and 70s

Started from a passion, Brescia Classics is specialist in fine quality classic cars. As specialists, we have composed a fine collection of oldtimers for you as a classic car enthousiast. We search throughout Europe for special Italian, French or Swedish models. We thereby select on originality and quality, and only buy classic cars that are well documented and often with low mileage and a nice history. Whether you are looking for a special convertible or sports coupe, in original condition, or you want to buy a perfectly restored example, we help you to realize your dream!

Every classic car has a story of it's own, even when they are from the same brand and type. Exploring their history, the search for sometimes hard to find original parts, finding out the pre-ownerships and their stories, that's what makes the work challenging and at times bring on fascinating and inspirating moments. 

Perhaps you have been a big fan of classic cars for a while now. Or maybe you are new to the world of passionate enthousiasts. We sure like to welcome you at Brescia Classics because we definitely have something in common!

"A man is only old when he wakes up in the morning without a dream in his head"

(Enzo Ferrari)

About our passion

For the real enthusiasts


Beautiful Matra 530 LX from 1971. We give this great sports car a little extra attention so that it will soon be ready to show off.

Let us know if you are interested already. Just give us a call.

Peugeot 404  Cabriolet Coupe Brochure 19

In a period of time we composed a warehouse of used parts and unique manuals and gadgets. Wether you are looking for a manual for your classic car or something specific, let us know, We might find it for you in our stock.

We are alway's interested in special models. Especialy when it comes with a good story.

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