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About us

A love for Icons

about design and the story behind it

Design that is not limited by adapting to conforming ideals of the time, but that continues in progressiveness where others stop. That is a great source of inspiration, you would like to put this car in your pocket as it were. Its bizarre appearance at the same time, exudes self-evidence, but one from a completely different world. A world that took place parallel to ours in the West.

Need I say more? Go and see the Tatra Factory Commercial in Stories!


Little things matter

always treasure hunting

We are always looking for parts that bring the car back to its glory days. We now have our own modest treasure warehouse with precious finds. Just hanging around in the warehouse has almost a meditative effect. And we don't think we are the only one in this.


It's in the details

silent testimony of cherishing through the years

In our passion for perfection, these are the sweets from the candy store. The hurray moment when I find a treasure in the glove compartment. The silent witness which tells the story of the first owner and the dealer who stamped it for the first time. It's all in the details...

We are happy to meet you

and we serve good coffee also

Being active in restoring and selling classic cars demands a certain specific knowledge and sensibility. An individual appointment in a loose ambiance are conditions to meet another car-enthousiast in an agreeable way. Not unimportant for people who have travelled from far for a visit. Therefore we invite you with pleasure for an appointment to visit us and to see the collection of Brescia Classics with your own eyes.

Classic auto race's

and hero's of the black and white era

The fire of our passion for classic cars is kept burning by several things. One, and certainly not the last, are historic car races. Read here why:


Since the introduction of the first automobiles, racing and competition were part of it. In the days carraces like the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and The Carrera Panamericana were less regulated and thus more exciting events. Famous racing drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio and Tazio Nuvolari exposed themselves to dangers of life and death, which drove their performances to heroic heights and became demi-gods. So drove Stirling Moss in 19 the 1000 miles from Brescia to Rome and back again in 10 hours and 7 minutes at an average speed of almost 160 km/h. And that, over 50's public roads through villages and towns with people encouraging on the sideroad, is unequaled. Therein lies hidden attraction and magic, of black and white racing hero's!


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