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We make import easy for you

Your questions answered

  • What do I need to import a classic car myself?
    You need the original vehicle registration documents transferred into valid export documents. Brescia Classics will help you provide all the necessary export documents to import your car to your domicile.
  • How can I registrate the car?
    With these complete export documents you present yourself at your local authority who will process your request into a new license registration of your car.
  • Can I drive the car to home myself?
    Yes, can visit us and pick up the car for delivery here at Brescia Classics. First we visit together the Dutrch authority for Export and transfer the original vehicle registration into the export documents. All you need is a valid passport. It can be immediately arranged, then you can request export licenseplates with insurance. These export plates mounted on your car will allow you to drive home and visit your local regsitration authority and is valid for 14 days.
  • Can I get the car transported to my adress?
    Yes, we work with several trusted partners who transport for our foreign clients. Open or closed, individual or combined, various options of transport are possible to choose from. We can help you find the right transporter for you the delivery of your classic car safely at your home adress.
  • I come by plane, how do I arrive at Brescia Classics?"
    If you travel by plane and arrive at Schiphol Airport, you can choose for a taxi which will take appoximately 45-60 minutes to visit us. There is also a train connection which brings you at Heerhugowaard train station, we can pick up you there if preffered.
  • Can you recommend stay accommodations?
    Yes, we can recommend some very pleasant accommodations for short stay and diner in the neighbourhood. Let us know in time and we can help arrange a convenient stay over.
  • Shipping overseas
    From dedicated transport to the NL Harbour, NL export clearance, Ocean freight, import customs clearance, arrival handling, to final door-to-door delivery. We can help you get your newly purchased classic car at home. Are you looking to buy a car from us and want to bring it to your home overseas? Ask us for the conditions and shipping possibilities.
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