Visiting Brescia Classics during corona 

Safety First

• An individual appointment with attention and care for your hygienic safety, conform regulations, is our priority. We have therefore taken measures to safeguard your health. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM and WHO and keep a close eye on developments.

• Many of our cars already find their way to the customer through online purchases. The extensive photo documentation / video's / descriptions can give you a clear picture of the car. In addition, the secure follow-up of your questions by mail and telephone provides you with a pleasant and reliable environment, which allows you to buy your classic car safe from a distance.

Border trafic during corona measures


• Perhaps you like to visit us from abroad. Always consult the current corona rules and restrictive measurers that apply to your country and the Netherlands!

• The Netherlands has numerous test locations where you can have a covid19 rapid-test taken. You don't have to wait for the results. The test result will be sent to you by SMS within 20 to 40 minutes. You will receive an English -non-covid19 medical certificate- with a validity of 48 to 72 hours. This certificate is recognized by the WHO and all EU countries for border traffic. 

Go to for the test locations (at google you can use the option to have the site translated.)

• You may need an additional health certificate at the border or on the plane. This form contains a number of questions about your current health that you must complete and submit if requested on the plane or at customs. You can download this from the site of the Dutch government.Go to:  and download the health statementrequired for your trip form.

Special Times Special Offer

• This time requires flexibility and creativity and extra attention to your circumstances, which is why we offer you the following:

- You reserve your online purchase with a deposit and pay the rest as soon as conditions are safe enough for you to have the car delivered or picked up.

- After your online purchase, we will stock your classic car for free until it is safe and possible to have your car delivered or you think it is safe enough to pick it up.

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