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Buying your favorite classic car is all about making one's dream come true. As always it starts with a dream. And when the dream doesn't go away, and is is telling you, it's there to stay. Than you have to decide to make your wish come true. That starts with a quest locally. But when you can't find what you are looking for, abroad is not far away these days. That's what our client brought him at our Brescia Classics showroom, to buy a beautiful Fiat 1200 cabriolet in the rare color scheme "blue aquamarine". After the sale we transported the Fiat for him to his place at the South coast of France, and at his request for registration he met a very diligent official. After being send a couple of times back and forth, he asked our help and advice. We assisted him and happily everything was arranged in no time :-)

So to make your dream come true, you have to put some effort and patience in it, and when that succeeds, you will enjoy it as a king's victory. Or, as an old Eastern saying goes:

Humor and patience are the camels that carry you through all the deserts. Or.........over a sunny French Boulevard..............


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