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The Commodore came on the market in 1967 and belonged to the technically more advanced and more luxurious models from the furthermore sober Opel range. The Commodore had some additional extra's standard, such as: a 2.2 liter 6-cylinder engine, floor shift, better brakes, 14 inch wheels (instead of 13 inches), a luxurious interior, another grille, more chrome trim around (also between the rear lights) and a vinyl roof.

Famous and notorious was the sporty top model, the Commodore GS Coupe. These sporting GS versions were equipped with a 130 PS 2.5 liter 6-cylinder engine with double carburetors. These GS versions featured: an interior with additional wood finishing and steering wheel, a black headlining, (three-point) seat-belts in the front and in the back, a rev counter, a console with 3 extra meters, 14 inch rally wheels and 2 fog lamps for the grille. The 2 additional fog lights under the bumper were optional as an extra order.

This beautiful original example was originally delivered in France. After import from France the car came into a Dutch car-collection. After having been in the collection for about 20 years, the car has been made roadworthy. This example is now in a beautiful and absolute top condition!

Nowadays most Commodore Coupe's are sold as GS but are not genuine, since these relatively rare cars were popular in the days, and very little of them survived. This one was original. And I know that we made someone really happy with this one!


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