Triumph GT6 MK2 -1970 *New Arrival*


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1000 km



Triumph GT6 MK2 -1970

The Triumph GT6 was designed by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, a sporty coupe that went from 0-100 in 10 seconds as early as 1967! In 1963, Triumph commissioned Michelotti to also design a GT version of their recently introduced and successful Spitfire. The coupe's styling was a success, but the extra weight of the GT bodywork combined with the standard 1,147 cc engine resulted in extremely poor performance from this spitfire GT4 prototype.

Triumph decided to use the coupe for the racing program because of its aerodynamic advantage. The Spifire GT race program was successful, winning first prize in the GT class of the 24-hour Le Mans in 1965.

To improve the performance of the heavier coupe, the 4-cylinder engine was replaced by the more powerful 2-liter (1998 cc). The coupe was further developed and refined, and to emphasize the GT styling and the 6-cylinder engine, it was launched as the Triumph GT6. The MK II is the best and most sought-after choice of the three variants. The power of the MK II increased to 104 hp and road handling was improved by using Rotoflex suspension, which made it faster in acceleration and lap times than the MK II and MK III. The latter was considerably heavier and with renewed but poorer looks.

The GT6 MK II is a very successful design, with its characteristic and classic curves reminds of another British classic, the Jaguar E type. The low seating position offers a view over the long hood and increases the speed experience. As soon as you turn the key, the 6 cylinder with its beautiful sonorous hum comes to life. With enough power, which makes the driver feel at home behind the wheel of this top British classic.

This example comes from a legacy with a special story. The testator was an eccentric epicurean with a passion for classic cars. He bought the Triumph in his hometown in France from a passionate Triumph enthusiast with the aim of gifting it to his newborn grandson on his 18th birthday. But, as always, things often turn out differently. The best man died and after 20 years the grandson preferred something else. The family kept the car for a while and was then offered it to us. All this time, the car has been carefully stored and driven, and serviced to keep the car in perfect condition.

This is a very original example and European version which is in a rare and beautiful condition. The Triumph was originally delivered in France, so it is original left-hand drive and with odometer and no USA version or English RHD variant. The body is beautifully sleek and intact, just like the bottom, this is also beautifully intact and completely original! The paint and chrome are in a very nice condition. The Triumph GT6 has a rare and perhaps the most beautiful color combination: “Valencia Blue” with cognac interior. The upholstery is original and is also in a beautiful condition. The wooden dashboard is like new and all meters work. The Triumph is always technically well maintained and drives, brakes and steers as it should, just great!

The Triumph GT6 MK II with its 12,000 built units is relatively rare compared to the Spitfire with a total production of 314,000 units.

This Triumph is ready to hit the road, so head into spring in this gorgeous British Triumph GT6!

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